Company Quality Policy

The policy principles that the company set as an objective for itself

Company Quality Policy

Company Quality Policy

 Purchasing, selling, and supplying spare parts for the aviation field at a high quality and according to requirements, client specifications, client plans, and expectations while committing to continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

  1. All the activities in the quality field will encompass and obligate all the factors in the company. They will be done according to the Israeli Standard ISO 9001:2015, according to client specifications, and correspondingly with the company level/operation standards on issues of technical supply services while continuously improving.

  2. Every employee and/or official is responsible for the quality of his work, and every company manager is responsible for the quality of his work field.

  3. Performing the tasks and requirements of the quality field obligates the employees and officials and is a part if their duty.

  4. The quality policy is comprehensible and implemented by all the company employees at all times.

  5. The quality system is open to critique and proposals for improvement from the employees, the clients, and independent factors (SII).

  6. The company will invest in employee training and continuing educational programs and preventive activities to reduce quality costs and increase employee motivation.

The company management views the quality, costs, and meeting time schedules as essential to achieving client satisfaction. For this purpose, the company management provides funds and means to implement its worldview.

The policy principles that the company set as an objective for itself are:

  • Client satisfaction by realizing the required quality, reducing non-quality costs, and meeting the planned time schedules.

  • Management of effective and efficient processes on all levels will prevent unnecessary expenses and contribute to the company’s efficient activity and continuous improvement.

  • We are cultivating human resources with the required training and qualifications.  

From procedure no. 5 – Management Responsibility, validity 12.2011

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