Following is a list of superalloys used mainly for gas turbine purposes (click the P/N to view detailed information):

S.N. Vita P/N

Equivalent Grades




Fe-Based Superalloy SN252696 10Х11Н23Т3МР (ЭП33, ЭИ696M)
SN251035 ХН38ВТ (ЭИ703)
SN252036 37Х12Н8Г8МФБ (ЭИ481)
SN251131 ХН28ВМАБ  (ЭП126)
SN252132 A 286 ЭП786 1.4980
SN252150 ХН45МВТЮ (ЭП718)
SN252302 ЭП617
SN25800 Incoloy 800 ХН32Т (ЭП670) 1.4876
SN252901 Incoloy 901 2.4662
SN252903 Incoloy 903
SN252907 Incoloy 907
SN252706 Inconel 706
Ni-Based   Superalloy SN254145 Inconel X-750 32Н6ХЮ (ЭП974) 2.4669
SN253536 Hastelloy X
SN254141 Rene 41
SN254080 Nimonic 80A 2.4631
SN254169 Inconel 718 2.4668
SN254500 Udimet 500
SN254738 Waspalloy 2.4654
SN254105 Nimonic 105 2.4634
SN254163 Hastelloy C-263 2.4650
SN254710 Udimet 710
SN253044 ХН60ВТ (ЭИ868)
SN254708 ХН62ВМЮТ (ЭП708)
SN254037 ХН70ВМТЮ (ЭИ617)
SN254698 ХН73МБТЮ (ЭИ698)
SN253039 ХН75МБТЮ  (ЭИ602)
SN254033 ХН77ТЮР (ЭИ437Б)
SN254098 ХН50МВКТЮР (ЭП99)
SN254049 ХН55ВМТКЮ (ЭИ929)
SN253030 ХН78Т (ЭИ435)
SN254099 ХН68МТЮК (ЭП693)
SN254648 ХН50ВТЮ (ЭП648)
SN254220 ХН51ВМТЮКФР (ЭП220)
SN253652 ХН70Ю (ЭИ652)
SN254742 ХН62БМКТЮ (ЭП742)
SN253600 Inconel 600 2.4816
SN253625 Inconel 625 2.4856
SN25400 Monel 400 2.4360
SN25276 Hastelloy C-276 ХН65МВ (ЭП567) 2.4819
SN25825 Incoloy 825 2.4858
Co-Based Superalloy SN255188 Hastelloy 188
SN255605 Hayness-25
Cast   Superalloy SN25213 ХН35ВТЮЛ (ЭИ787Л)
SN25406 ВЖЛ-8
SN25424 ВЖЛ-12У
SN25825 ВХ-4